Inwastement - Abfall in Umwelt und Gesellschaft

Inwastement - Abfall in Umwelt und Gesellschaft




von: Jens Kersten

transcript Verlag, 2016

ISBN: 9783839430507

Sprache: Deutsch

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Inwastement - Abfall in Umwelt und Gesellschaft

Waste is developing a completely autonomous social, economic, and ecologic power. It forms the inwastement of a society, formed by social practices, legal norms, and cultural contexts. In a compositional understanding that combines the material physicality of waste with its cultural perception, the contributions to this volume conceive waste as cultural technique. This interdisciplinary perspective, which sets great store by an extension of technical sciences through cultural studies, points out, inter alia, the problematic relationship of individual and collective waste responsibility, thus directly taking up questions of a global »waste justice« and a »zero waste« future.

Jens Kersten (Prof. Dr.) lehrt Öffentliches Recht und Verwaltungswissenschaften an der Juristischen Fakultät der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.