Alternative Facts - Fake News, Tweets & the 2016 Election

Alternative Facts - Fake News, Tweets & the 2016 Election




von: William Goodspeed

Satirical Press International, 2017

ISBN: 9780998885315

Sprache: Englisch

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Alternative Facts - Fake News, Tweets & the 2016 Election

In the spring of 2015, Americans were enthused about the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election. The election promised two new major party candidates and the prospect of a serious, constructive debate over America's issues, both foreign and domestic. The campaign started with Secretary Hillary Clinton's 'spontaneous' road trip to Iowa in a Scooby Doo van in April 2015. Not only did Secretary Clinton meet many ordinary Americans, she learned about self-serve gasoline and the delectable beauty of McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese. The Road Trip, it turned out, was a preview of an election campaign never before seen in America-or anywhere else in the known universe. Clinton's van ride was soon eclipsed by Donald Trump's famous escalator ride to announce his candidacy as a Republican. Where else but America could a reality TV star, thrice-married casino owner and real estate mogul make a serious bid for President? With Donald Trump's entry, the race for President became more like Survivor than a serious campaign. Every day, the candidate generously heaped insults on his opponents by Twitter. He also infamously insulted Rosie O'Donnell, Pope Francis, Megyn Kelly and a former Miss Universe, calling her 'Miss Piggy.' The Republican race became a circus act, complete with nicknames like 'Little Marco', 'Lyin' Ted' and 'Low-energy Jeb.' The size of Donald Trump's hands became a central issue in the primaries. As the field narrowed, the race hinged on two essential issues for America's future: Secretary Clinton's emails and Donald Trump's comments about groping women. It was a battle of Titans, ultimately won by Mr. Trump in a shocking upset. The President-elect savored his victory by claiming widespread voter fraud. Alternative Facts presents a satirical history of the 2016 Campaign, from the Van Ride to the Election. Filled with hysterical articles poking fun of the candidates and the press, Alternative Facts is littered with relevant Tweets from the candidates